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Sports Law is not only our job, we consider it a vocation. Specialised in sports law for almost 30 years, we are familiar with the issues at stake and well prepared to match your specific needs. Sports Law is more than the mere red card on the field. We master the statutes of the sports federations and their interpretation. In case you backed the wrong horse, we guide you to the right exit. Sport lives off its tradition but needs modern structures and investments. Not to forget the personal rights of those who live from sport – the athletes.

We know the actors on and behind the scene. Balancing the conflicting interests is our daily business to achieve a satisfactory economic result. Preferably by successful negotiations. If necessary, however, in court. To the advantage of our clients. Do not hesitate to call us!

Sports & Tax

Sports federations, sports associations, sports clubs, individual athletes and their advisors or their sponsors – tax law impacts all parties involved in sports. There are a number of topics to be covered: reducing the tax burden, securing non-profit status, balance sheet strategy, tax-efficient financing, avoiding double taxation of cross-border activities, ensuring proper turnover taxation and compliance are just some of them. The ever-increasing complexity may be somewhat daunting.

However, tax law must not slow down our clients. Therefore, it is necessary to establish structures that meet the specific characteristics of sports and are perfectly tailored to the needs of the parties involved. Sports tax law is our specialist discipline. Our mission is to provide you with support and guidance for your projects. We take the tax hurdles so that you achieve your goals faster. We are experienced professionals who will fully understand and passionately enforce your aims and priorities – in any negotiations with public authorities, other public or private bodies and individuals.

Sports & IP

IP & Sports has many interesting aspects. Primarily it is about unfair competition, marketing and personal rights – these legal issues reflect on both sides of professional sports: sport associations and the athletes; in the amateur sector partially different standards apply. Particularly with regard to image rights, there have been considerable changes in recent years due to new media and social media. The question “What is allowed, what is not?” increasingly concerns the courts, most recently in Germany concerning “Cathy Hummels”. Disputes between copyright owners and professional sport organizers as well as associations and clubs are more and more subject of legal proceedings and have already occupied the courts; for example, when performing events with “run in music” or “goal melodies” (e.g., Henry Maske and the music from “Carmina Burana”).

Our law firm has often dealt with such issues in the past.

Sports & Media

Sport enjoys a permanent boom – thanks to the media. Sport generates overall awareness, superseding even the blockbusters written by John Grisham. This is why sport is a product globally very sought-after. We invented the first public tender for media rights in Germany, negotiated it with the competition authorities of the EU and performed it in the field of soccer. Meanwhile it has developed to a successful tool for economic growth – waiting to be made profitable for all other sports as well.

Digitalisation and convergence of the media are a new challenge for which we offer well-fitting solutions, having also technical, economical and editorial expertise on board. Making business with the rights owners must not forget the athletes: they are entitled to receive a fair share of the proceeds. Whatever rights are at stake, we are insiders in drafting contracts and enforcing your rights, preferably by negotiations and – if necessary – in court.

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